Craig Petterson
Ruby on Rails Developer

Experienced in leading teams and managing clients to gather information on business requirements, help narrow down the scope of work and deliver quality software that is readable and maintainable.

Proven ability to train and mentor new developers with my experience writing technical documentation, tutoring and delivering talks.

I believe all goals can be achieved with the right mindset.

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I've written a few things

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  • Profile Images With Active Storage

    I was surprised how simple it was to implement Active Storage just following the guide from Rails Guides. This is how I added profile images to Speakers Live in 6 easy steps!

  • Nested Forms

    Nested resources are a powerful tool and Rails has made it easy to deal with doing this directly in your usual form, well, format…

  • Do I truly want to become a manager?

    After reading “Do I truly want to become a manager?” by @clairejlew, I decided that I would actual consider and answer these questions. Some questions are difficult to answer as a non-manager, but I’ve tried to answer them the best I can.

  • Public Objects With Google Cloud

    Google doesn’t allow you to make a directory public. Who knows why? Please tell me. Maybe it’s obvious and I just missed it all. Their example makes the entire bucket public, which we really don’t want!