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Accountancy Software

A cloud-based accountancy software with an extensive feature list to help make bookkeeping simple. Originally developed in a sophisticated and intuitive manner with small UK businesses in mind.

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Access Control Software

Cloud-based access control system for secure areas. Used by co-working spaces, offices, schools, universities, sports clubs and more. Handles entirely remotely, no software installation or maintenance is required.

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Community Platform

A intelligent platform to enhance community management that allows members to learn, share and collaborate. This platform provides all the tools required to engage, retain and grow your communities so your users stay longer, spend more and encourage others to do the same.

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DVLA Search

Vehicle Search API Account Management

I led a small team to produce an account management system for software that helps access detailed vehicle information. This system is used to manage payments for the service as well as user permissions, invoicing and historical information.

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My experience covers single person development projects, teams with dozens of developers, green-field projects and decades old legacy codebases.

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