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Side Projects continued...

14 May 2019

Following reading the 101 side projects article from @anthilemoon, I thought I would share my current, growing list of ideas I might never attempt to implement. I started writing these ideas down after reading MAKEBOOK - which I still haven’t completed, as per @levelsio advice, I started making instead. Although, I’ve still stumbled and not fully released any of my side projects.


Do I truly want to become a manager?

22 March 2019

After reading “Do I truly want to become a manager?” by @clairejlew, I decided that I would actual consider and answer these questions. Some questions are difficult to answer as a non-manager, but I’ve tried to answer them the best I can.


Public Objects With Google Cloud

01 December 2018

Google doesn’t allow you to make a directory public. Who knows why? Please tell me. Maybe it’s obvious and I just missed it all. Their example makes the entire bucket public, which we really don’t want!