7 May 2019 Nobody can code

Coding is difficult… you can read documents, practice daily and take millions of courses and still never remember how to perform a simple function. There is so much to learn, it’s easy for previously gained knowledge to vanish into thin air.

I’ve been a “professional” for 5 years now - in the sense that someone has actually paid me. I often have days where I feel like the no idea what I’m doing dog.

Moving into a development team is even more complicated. The amount of different styles and different knowledge bases different developers have is staggering. How is it possible for these different styles to work together without tripping each other up. Spoiler: It’s not, you’ll constantly get in each other’s way.

When you’re working on your own projects, you’ll still get yourself into a complicated web when trying to figure out how to fix things or solve problems. Why won’t it just god damn work?

You start copying random code snippets from the internet. Stack Overflow has some amazing helpers right? Welcome performance problems and security vulnerabilities. What the hell was SickCoder69 thinking when he shared this?

Maybe I should pack up now and move into a different line of work.