23 May 2019 Origins

Everyone has an origins story. At least all the great heros (and villians).

I’m not going to go into detail of my origin story - it’s nothing cinematic. I thought I’d share where my online names came from. I’ve been asked a few times.

My online alias is Jaliso.

Originally, when I first started playing games online, I was “Ghostly”. I used this name for my characters in Battle Master, a text based RPG and for online chats, like mIRC (Shout out to Jext!)

Later, I used Fanta for PSO (Side note: WOW! I just dug out my Guide to 4th Evolution Mags, so nostalgic). I used this name because, man, I loved the drink! Especially Tropical Fanta. Delicious.

When I started playing World of Warcraft. I began as a Druid called Mahoofis (An amalgamation of Massive and Hoof). Then, I later made my Warrior, Jaliso.

Jaliso (original Jalizo) is the first 2 characters of my mother and two sister’s names, Janet, Lisa and Zoe - Ja, Li, Zo. I just thought the “s” looked better.

I also took this naming pattern when naming my “company”. For freelancing and side projects, I trade under Calajo, which is the first 2 letters of my niece’s and nephew’s names, Caitlin, Lacey and Josh - Ca, La, Jo.

I’m sure I’m just screwed myself on some kind of security quiz, but there we go!