7 June 2019 Slack Setup

My slack is set up in a very clear, compact manner. I have nothing visible.

I’m in as few channels as possible and I never have the desire to hunt for messages. If for whatever reason I do - I can search for it. The S is Slack literally stands for Search.

S.L.A.C.K is Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.

If my input is wanted, I’ll get a direct message or an at (@) tag, which will give me a notification and an ping. I never need to hunt for a message.

My setup is designed to remove distraction.

My preferences:

  • I use the web app, so I don’t have any application giving me desktop notifications.
  • I have DND set for out of hours. Always.
  • I turn off notications being sent to my mobile when I’m inactive.
  • Only show unread and starred conversations.

Whenever I get a message I want to remember or reply to I put a ‘//’ in the chat. This way, I can’t accidently send it, becasue ‘/’ is a command and the channel (or more often the direct message) moves into my side bar. With the latest Slack update, this moves into a new category called ‘Drafts’. Perfect.

Now, just to figure out how to get people to stop poking me on the shoulder.