30 June 2019 Rewritten Cooking Section

After getting some great feedback from a colleague, I’m rewriting my ‘Cooking’ section for my talk.

Rather than talking negatively, like good doesn’t matter, we’re switching it up to be more positive and instead talking about lean eating instead.

It’s an easy comparison to make for code.

These books use just 5 ingredients in every recipe - some are even optional, you could do 3 or 4 and they would be fine. They’re cheap and most of them take no longer than 20 minutes.

This saves time and money, which is super useful if you’re on a budget. If these cook books were full of complicated Michelin Star recipes, chances are we would mess them up and waste our time and money - and that’s how we should think about code too.

It’s easy to forget that food is really important for your health.

Sticking to lean meats, vegetables and fruits, and making sure you have great quality food over quantity is more beneficial. The same thing applies for code.

You want to make your code as lean as possible - as easy to read as possible - and you should probably focus on god objects, high churn files and files where you often find bugs in your system.