8 August 2019 I hate DevOps

During recent years, I’ve wanted to expand my skill set and perform many tasks myself. This is the reason I got into “making”, so I could do additional technical things outside my usual day to day job. Things I don’t usually do.

Design is one of those things. I love Design.

User Experience is one of those things. I love UX.

DevOps is one of those things. I hate DevOps.

DevOps is particularly bad, because - maybe this is just for me, but - it’s one of those things where I just don’t know what I’m doing, so I google it, hack it together and it either works or it doesn’t work.

Unfortunately with DevOps, “it doesn’t work” usually means you’ve taken your whole server down, which is what happened in my case. Fortunately, it’s my personal server, so only my personal apps are down. Unfortunately again, because it’s my personal server, it’s hosting several small apps - which means every single one of them are currently down.

Any second now I’m going to get a million emails saying all of these apps are down. I KNOW STATUS CAKE. I KNOW.