22 August 2019 Heroic

It was a fairly warm pre-summer’s day. The evenings were cool - most of the time you could manage with an extra layer, maybe a blanket, but not this night.

The demon kittys seemed on edge. Overly intrigued by the sofa by the radiator in the corner.

The heating needed to come on, just to take the edge off the chill.

After a short time, a bird darted from behind the radiators. Probably persuaded by the increasing heat coming from the previously cooled metal.

Our older, female cat noticed immediately and pawed gently at the fleeing flyer. Our young, energetic, male cat only noticed the female cats reactions, but it took no more than that for him to get involved.

The chase ensued. The bird began darting back and forth around our house, avoiding both the cat successfully before ended up behind our fridge. We couldn’t leave him there, but we had to go out.

Upon our return, we checked behind the fridge. The bird was still there, but noticed us and immediately fled once again. Before landing in our slow cooker.

We through a towel over it, to keep it safe from the cats and began to move it towards the window. When we unveiled the safe exit, the bird darted back into the house.

While we were ducking and diving, the cats chased once more. The male cat leaps over the couch before we heard the most awful, harrowing sounds. Sharp wimping from a bird being captured. The cat saunters around the coach, most proud. In his excitement, he released the bird and away it went once more.

Battered and bruised, the bird finally headed towards an open window. Success!


The bird bounces off the window and back inside the living room. He’s not having a good day.

After more martial arts, some defensive cat manoeuvring and some birdish luck, the practically dead bird finally makes his escape. Both cats bolt outside to finish the job - it’s probably for the best, the pain will be over.

Our heroic bird doesn’t give up. He steadies himself for one final push. He jumps upon the wall and flies off into the fields, leaving both cats peering over the wall in deep regret.

They yawn and return to the comfort of the snuggly blankets.