25 September 2019 Language

I love learning languages, but outside of learning some basics when I travel, I don’t typically make an effort. That being said, I’ve been using Duolingo to learn French lately - I’m on a 115 day streak right now. I’ve been feeling like I don’t know enough, that I should know more by now, but I know it’s a much longer progress and small steps go a long way.

Whenever I go on holiday, I always make an effort to speak the local language. Obviously, I can never be fluent in the time it takes to book a holiday, but learning some basics really goes a long way.

All I try to learn ahead of time is:

  • Hello
  • Thanks
  • Goodbye
  • Sorry

It’s not a lot. I’ve done it with French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Americ… oh, fine… but American English is not English!

We are also quite multi-lingual at work; we have a Belgian (French), a Polish, a Filipinos, an Italian, a Portuguese, and we’re based in Liverpool, so quite a lot of scouse people - hey, it’s definitely it’s own language!

I think having a simple go-to tool to learn these basics might be useful and fun…