22 October 2019 Honesty

It’s true what they say. Honesty is the best policy.

I find a lot of the times, this is true even when the truth is harsh or even brutal.

This might come across as though I lie, but I don’t. I’m not smart enough and can’t remember anything, so lying would be the worst thing I would ever attempt.

I’m talking more about not being honest by not voicing the truth. Bottling things up and keeping them to myself.

Whenever I bottle anything up, it just builds and builds until I’m ready to explode. Usually, it explodes pretty dramatically - and this includes things at work, at home and online.

Usually, I find it awkward to raise things straight away, but once it ruffles me one or two times, I should just get it out. I just need to get it out sometimes.

If I just got it out straight away, then I will likely still have the arguments and disagreements I have, but much sooner and with much less build up of stress and without the obvious bang that building up a pressure generates.

Let me know how you deal with conflicts and stress involving other people. Do you handle it well?