9 January 2020 Instant

Everything we do is right now. Right at the tips of our fingers. Mostly with the introduction of the smart phone, but it’s the way we live now. Need to find out some information; google it. Need to speak to someone; ring them. Need help exercising; look at the rings on your Apple Watch.

Smart watches sound like a good idea. You need to track your exercises or generally activity. Oh look, I’ve only half filled this ring in - best walk some more steps. Ahh, I’ve almost hit my daily activity; let’s do some jumping jacks to get it round.

Not only that, every app you use is available on your device now. Chat notifications on your phone - no, your watch even. Reminders. Warnings. Information.

You get pulled in. Distracted.

Even our health insurance is in on it. They have given us a discount on the latest smart watches and more discounts for hitting goals; free Starbucks, free cinema tickets, free Amazon Prime.

Sure, it can be a good thing.

I like an analogue watch. It does one thing. It tells me the time. I’ll admit, I’ve had smart watches before and I’m tempted to utilise the offer.

I’d rather build a habit. I don’t have a reminder to do my 200 words. I don’t have a reminder to exercise. Maybe if I did, I’d be better at sticking to them.