29 January 2020 Mixing

Fuck me. People are annoying.

I have a great set of friends, but I’m not good at mingling them.

Until recently, two of my best friends for over ten years hadn’t met each other. They met recently and they got on, but there was nothing to it. Their relationship won’t grow. They will just be two people that happen to both know me, barely even acquaintances.

Maybe it’s me though. I’m quite eclectic in most things, my friends included. I’ve also never wanted to mingle my friends. If I want to hang out with a friend, I want to hang out with them, not referee or middle man their contact. I enjoy it more in a group setting, rather than me introducing two friends.

This isn’t just friends either. It goes for friends meeting Nay too.

Don’t get me wrong. The people I choose to be friends with (Nay included) aren’t assholes. They’re amicable with each other.

I love each of them individually, but I don’t at all enjoy them meeting up. It’s awkward. It’s pointless.

Is it just me?