12 February 2020 It’s my fault

The idea that something could be my fault changed my whole perspective. I’m never wrong… right?

I used to rage about losing online games. My team mates sucked, my guild mate missed that interruption, this is such bullshit. Why do people suck?

Everything changed when I stopped blaming others if there was something I could have done myself. Sure, there are times when you lose because another person messes up, but if you messed up something too, even a tiny thing, then maybe it would have went differently.

Oftentimes, there is a limit to this. If you’re a Champion ranked player, playing with a bronze, then there is only so much carrying you can do. Same if you’re a 2,500 rated arena player, playing with a 1,500 scrub lord. Still though, did you make zero mistakes? Surely not. Could those mistakes had fixed the disparity between skill and/or experience? Maybe.

Improve yourself first.

Applying this to the real world;

  • why did that meeting go south?
  • did I do something to annoy my partner?
  • did I misunderstand something else that happened?

I’m going to work on myself first. Then try and help others improve - even better if I can do both at the same time.

For now, this is my case for education, health and fitness.