5 July 2020 Apps I Use

I’ve seen a couple of articles showing apps people use to run their businesses; Pat Walls, Ian Grabill and it was even suggested to check out the Startup School Library.

While I’m not running a business in the same sense, it got me thinking: what apps do I use regularly?

  • Pandle for accounting - I was actually part of the team that built this until recently (AMA!)
  • Digital Ocean - server hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • Basecamp (Personal) - Keeping track of client work I do for reference, personal progress (weight, reading, studies)
  • Trello - I tend to save articles, podcasts, etc here to come back to. Also storing a list of ideas; projects to make, articles to write, etc.
  • Hey / Gmail
  • G Suite Business - not sure I need this now. Going to investigate.
  • Github
  • Twitter - I suppose it counts, right?
  • Stripe - payment processing
  • Mailgun - email delivery
  • Domain Monster - domain names

Other stuff I’m considering:

  • Toggl - time tracking. Just checking this out now.
  • Sentry - error reporting. I’ve used this before, very nice.
  • Upwork - Both the linked articles suggested they use it
  • Calendly - hoping to get in more facetime with actual people