1 June 2019 June 2019

I work at Yozu Ltd in Liverpool, where I have worked since graduating University 4 years ago.

I also manage my own development projects under _Calajo, where I am looking to expand on skills I don’t get to use in my day job, such as marketing, project management and Dev Ops.

I’m in the process of buying my first house with my partner, Nay, and hope to be moving in very soon!

I’m spending a lot of time on self improvement this year. Since I’m a data driven person, this involves a lot of data tracking, spreadsheets and habit building. For the entirety of 2019, I’m tracking my habits daily, including side project working hours, gaming time, health metrics, weight, syn count, exercise and walking. I’m also trying to maintain beneficial habits by utilising streaks, such as 200 Words A Day, Makerlog and Duo Lingo - did I mention I’m writing and I’m learning French?